We live and work in China, and our company is registered in the territory of PRC, which gives us the opportunity to provide these services
at a high level and in the shortest possible time.
Using our service, you will receive
Quality tested product
In a package
with your design
With YOUR labels and barcodes already applied
Open Chinacom is not only a supplier from China, but also your long-term partner. We adapt our services to different business models to support your business as much as possible.
To support the customer's business needs with China, we offer 4 plans that will satisfy all your requests.
You can start with the Free Services plan to start searching for products. And then choose a Professional plan that will help you handle everything from production to delivery. If you have your own suppliers, but you need us to check the quality and delivery, then pay attention to the Standard plan.
If you have high requirements for packaging design and full inspection, you can learn more about this in the Exclusive plan.
Free Services
For free
Paying 5-15%
You get all the service offered in the Free Services plan, as well as:
Paying 5-20%
You get all the service offered in the Standart plan, as well as:
Considered individually from 30 000$
You get all the service offered in the Professional plan, as well as:
Want to purchase from China, but don't know where to start? Want to get a competitive price, but don't know which factory is reliable? Don't worry, our Free Services plan will help you.

First you need to send a request indicating what products you want or how we can help you. Then we will appoint an agent who will provide you with the following services free of charge.
We will help you make an order in China in just 4 steps
Step 1
Send a detailed request, specifying what you need. The support service will contact you and send you a form to fill out (the more detailed you fill out the form, the faster we can help you find the right product).
Step 2
We will send you a commercial offer in less than 3 working days. Then you can order product samples to confirm the quality.
Step 3
Please check all product details before making a bulk order. We will contact the factory for approval of the parts and will track all the stages of production.
Step 4
We consolidate the goods in our warehouse, then check the quality and arrange delivery by courier / sea / air to any address in your country.

(90% of customers choose this plan instead of the basic one)

After the free plan, you're likely to get competitive pricing from our suppliers.
We recommend using our Professional plan, in which your agent will handle everything from production to delivery.

You can use all of the services listed below, paying a 5-20% commission per order. See below for Professional fees.

Production supervision: The search for product suppliers takes only a few hours, but the subsequent production usually takes 5-15 days. Our agent helps to constantly coordinate with the factories to ensure that the products are manufactured according to your requirements. This is the best value of the Professional plan because we help you save a lot of time.

Customized packaging: for customers who want to manufacture goods under their own brand we will help them produce all types of packaging, even if the number of purchases is small. You will always get a competitive price for the packaging.

Free picture: we can offer 5 pictures on a white background for free, then you will get the opportunity to directly upload them to Amazon, Wildberries or other e-commerce platforms. We will help you save about $ 100 that you would have to pay a freelancer for such work.
General quality control: this service is free for people using our professional or basic plan. We open 30% of the boxes and selectively check the quantity in each box. If defective products are found, we will help you discuss the solution with your suppliers on your behalf. Or we can also hire workers to fix the defects in our warehouse before shipping from China.

If you want to check the entire cargo, our employee will help you for $ 5 per hour (at least 8 hours).

By charging a service fee of $ 5 per hour, we can perform inspections an unlimited number of times until the problem with the defect is resolved. By comparison, if you hire third-party inspection companies yourself, they usually charge $ 200 to $ 300 per person per day and can only report problems without helping to fix them. They usually check a very small number of products from each batch, or you need to hire more inspectors.
Delivery organization: we help you ship goods from China to your address in any country or to Amazon, Wildberries warehouses, as well as carry out the entire import and export process. You always get a great delivery offer from us, regardless of whether it is used by courier service, sea transportation or air transportation. Attention, we are not a logistics company, we only help you to ship the goods!
Standart Plan

If you have your own product suppliers, but you need someone in China to help check the quality and arrange delivery to another country or to Amazon, Wildberries order fulfillment centers, then our Standard plan is perfect for you. By paying 5% of the service fee (minimum commission of $ 100), you can use all the listed services.

The best price for delivery: we will select the best option based on your requirements for the delivery time – by sea, by air or by train. We can help you deliver the order to your address or to the specified warehouse.

Delivery organization: we will help you send goods from China to your address in any country or to the warehouses of Amazon, Wildberries, etc. You will always receive from us a favorable offer for delivery, regardless of whether it is used by courier service, sea transportation or air transportation.

Although the services of our Professional and Standard plans meet the needs of most people, we can still offer many additional services to make your import from China more convenient. All of the following additional services will be considered on an individual basis.

Checking the product one-on-one: our staff can help check each product according to your requirements, we charge only $ 5 per hour (at least 8 hours). Using this service, we help to reduce the rejection rate to 0, which means that you will not get bad reviews from customers. Highly recommended for sellers of Amazon, Wildberries, etc.

A visit to the factory. The general inspection included in the Pro and Standard plans is carried out in our warehouse. If you want us to go to the factory for inspection, you will need to pay $ 125 + shipping costs. Since this price is specified on an individual basis, you can find out the details when you order the service.

Service cost of the Professional plan

You will receive a product that is completely ready for shipment to the marketplace!
For this, we will do
Search for manufacturers and suppliers all over China
We will find a product that is cheaper and better than what you are buying now.
The marking of products and packaging to the marketplace
We will mark the product here in China, making sure that all the codes are pasted correctly.
We will repack the product in YOUR or any other packaging.
Quality control in China
Here in China, we will check the quality and return the defect to the manufacturer, and the customer his money.
We also go to the factory with an inspection.
Production of your individual packaging
We will make YOUR packaging, with your logo, instructions and barcode.
Sample order and test
We will order and test samples from factories by sending photos and video reports.
We can also send samples to you.
Delivery of goods to Russia and the CIS
We will organize
an air service (up to 7 days);
a railway service (35-45 days);
an auto service (15-19 days) for delivery from China to Russia and the CIS.

Why us?

We provide the service for the most secure and efficient cooperation with China. Open Chinacom is an ardent supporter of the Win-Win strategy.
Our goal is to make your business profitable and grow together. If we can provide a competitive price, then your business will thrive, and so will we.
We help our customers find the best manufacturers, guarantee product quality, and arrange delivery to their doorstep, making the entire sourcing process much easier and safer.
Russia - +7 (930) 818-06-58
China - +86 138 5810 2474
0803 office, 8 building, Red street, Jianggan District, Hangzhou China
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